Storm Front by Jim Butcher

May 30, 2006 at 12:00 am | Posted in 3 stars, Book Reviews, Fantasy | Leave a comment

Detective / science fiction genre crossovers go back a long way, at least as far as Asimov’s Caves of Steel, but I’m pretty sure detective / fantasy blending is somewhat more rare. Storm Front is exactly that, however: a first person narration by one Harry Dresden, a hard-boiled detective with an Ugly Past, a Cynical Attitude, and Not Enough Money to Pay the Rent. He’s also a wizard, and therefore Knowledgable About the Secret World of Magic, a Summoner of Mystical Creatures and Spirits, Maker of Potions, and of course an Enemy to Dark Mages.

It’s all pretty boilerplate. The conjunction of two boilerplates makes it a relatively enjoyable read. The author is capable enough, but never shows any desire, much less ability, to make the story rise above the raw material. Still, it’s a quick read and it is easy to see why there are apparently 8 sequels plus an incoming TV series.


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