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Green Man:  “I am not a talking vegetable, as you should be able to see. Even if a plant were to follow the one evolutionary way, out of some many millions, that leads to intelligence, it is impossible that it should duplicate in wood and leaf the form of a human being.”

Severian: “The same thing might be said of stones, yet there are statues.”

Claw of the Conciliator, Gene Wolfe



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  1. Matt,

    I’m deeply impressed by the blog you built here. I was thinking of all the ways I could express that idea, but I found that simple works best. I come from reading your take on A Song of Ice and Fire and your views on the nature of Lost, and your viewpoints, and the intelligence and devotion you displayed in defending them, are nothing short of admirable. To be more specific, your clarity of thought and intellectual eloquence are what ensures that I keep on reading your stuff. Good job, and make sure you keep them coming.


  2. I truly enjoy your blog. The only thing I would suggest is reviews of the big, main stream books like LOTR, Shannara (at least the first few), perhaps Dragonlance and such to give a baseline. I also would like to just plain hear about your thoughts about these since I have read them all (even as Brooks has turned into the Lucas of fantasy) and would appreciate your insight into them.

  3. Fascinating! I just stumbled upon this blog, and found that I had never noticed how that sentence—possibly due to one of Severian’s presentiments—foreshadows how humanity, the hieros, created the hierogrammates.

    There is a superficial likeness, if only in color, between the hierodules and the statues that roam the gardens of the House Absolute, so maybe these statues are earlier versions, discarded during the shaping of the hierogrammates.

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