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April 3, 2011 at 9:34 pm | Posted in Site News | Leave a comment

I originally ran this site on my own domain using scripts I had written producing HTML I designed. While there was some satisfaction in having built it all myself, this ended up being more than outweighed by the fact it was a pain to maintain. Using WordPress was easier in almost every way, at the cost that those few ways that weren’t easier were now harder.

One of those things was proper indexes. Unlike most blogs, a blog that’s basically book reviews really ought to have an index by author and (for sites like this one that are sufficiently lowbrow to have them) rating. Years after moving the site to WordPress, I’ve finally gotten around to writing some scripts to generate them. I’m not going to update them every time I post a review, but hopefully I’ve got a process that’s streamlined enough to run every few months as stuff drops off the (very large) first page. I may add an index to my short story reviews at some point, but for now there’s always the category on the right.

I thought about changing the theme, since there are some things I don’t like about this one, but fifteen minutes in WordPress’ themes catalog revealed I dislike the other options even more.

Finally, while double-checking some things, I saw that I had spelled China Miéville’s name sans accent when reviewing Iron Council in 2004. I added it, updated the post, and WordPress in its infinite wisdom republished it to the RSS feed. So some subscribers may have seen my seven year old review of Iron Council pop up…sorry.

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